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How I started learning Japanese

10/20/2020 Tags: Japanese

Two weeks ago, after about two months, I took my first step and finished learning (half of) the Japanese kanjis! I used MIA’s “Recognition RTK” Anki deck. There were some rough days, but when the mental images made sense, the sensation of learning was amazing.

Because of that, I can actually read right now (slowly but surely), using a dictionary and intuition, thing for which I’m quite excited about! It is slow and tedious, but again: being able to do this at all feels awesome, and with practice and study it will become easier and easier, and that keeps me motivated.

Changing wallpapers along with system theme

7/15/2020 Tags: Automate, android

By default, I always use dark mode on my phone, but sometimes (usually when I’m outside) I need to turn the light theme back on to actually see what’s on my screen.

However, recently I realized that may not be enough, as my wallpaper stays dim, so I still have problems finding apps in the launcher. The solution seems obvious: change the wallpaper whenever I change the system theme.

Hello, world!


So, after one and a half YEARS I finally got my shit together and set up the website I wanted to build for a long time.

What am I going to post here? Anything I do that I find a bit worth sharing. For example, I want to learn many things (programming, pixel-art, japanese, etc) and it might be a good idea to keep a record of my progress here.

This time I really want to get to actually post stuff regularly. So, if you’d like to to follow along with my “progress” and other dumb stuff I might want to say, just add the Atom feed to your aggregator :P