How I started learning Japanese


Two weeks ago, after about two months, I took my first step and finished learning (half of) the Japanese kanjis! I used MIA’s “Recognition RTK” Anki deck. There were some rough days, but when the mental images made sense, the sensation of learning was amazing.

Because of that, I can actually read right now (slowly but surely), using a dictionary and intuition, thing for which I’m quite excited about! It is slow and tedious, but again: being able to do this at all feels awesome, and with practice and study it will become easier and easier, and that keeps me motivated.

Of course, that knowledge would be next to useless without knowing how to put them together, so now I’m currently studying vocabulary with this other Anki deck, made by another MIA user to replicate the Tango N5 Vocab deck (for which you need to send a form to the MIA team to get access to). I have to say, it’s (obviously) way harder, as I can’t seem to attach the pronunciations to mnemonics as I would with kanjis. Or at least that’s that I thought! I just realized (thanks to this article) that mnemonics for pronunciations can be made with word games! But I want to talk about that in a separate post. It’s actually very funny to come up with these things!

I haven’t been doing much immersion (that is, consuming only Japanese content). I just now started rewatching Ao no Exorcist without subtitles and I regret not having started earlier, when I was doing RRTK… Oh well, that’s what I get for procrastinating.

That’s all I wanted to share up until now, I’ll probably upload more updates as I progress. I hope this is at least useful as a collection of resources to start for someone else (which is unlikely because I didn’t even put SEO into this waste of a site and the deck takes at max 2 minutes to find lol)