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I literally cannot survive a day without listening to music. Here's what's on my ears almost 24/7

Checkpoint Congrats on getting this far; you may now rest... Listen Chillax Take a deep breath and, just... zzz Listen Chiptune Fresh tunes coming straight out of your NES. Listen Cute Happy, anime-styled and, overall, cute music Listen Fallin' in love Songs for your heart to beat along ❤ Listen Guitars & Screams & Stuff get it? because it's a rock playlist Listen Industria Nacional Un país de mierda, pero con buena musica Listen Move your god damn feet! Energetic music to dance to Listen Music Playlist Some songs I like. Proceed with caution. Listen Nostalgic Vibes Synths, reverb, and more reberb. Listen the big sad sad or emotional music to cry to Listen The Zone Frenetic instrumentals for when you get zoned. Listen (T)rap yuh,, yuh,, sKRRRrrt Listen SoundCloud likes I haven't made specific playlists in SoundCloud. Listen Music Playlist (YT) My original playlist on Youtube Listen Kitsune² Favs My favorite tracks from Kitsune² Listen