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Sometimes I make things. These are some projects I managed to finish:

(Please note, I'm terrible at naming stuff)

lain - asereje【AMV】

Not much to say here... Just a little idea that popped into my head when I found that gif of Lain dancing. It also helped me try out how Kdenlive works.


I'm putting here any images I've made. Might include photos, edits, whatever. You could even use some as wallpapers. Click them to download the full-resolution versions through MEGA.

Music I've played with FL Studio from 2016 to 2019; this is the result. I may or may not continue to do so.

Untitled Nº 58

(I told you I'm bad at names)

My most recent musical project, and one of the two or three that I actually like. Though, I left it unfinished; hence the name, Untitled Nº 58. The final version is supposed to have lyrics and be performed on real instruments, somthing I doubt I'll do any time soon, which I feel is kind of a shame and a waste. Anyways, never say never; I might do it some day in the future.

Ice cold

An attempt to make a trap beat... It's kind of bland, not punchy, call it whatever... I'll put it here because it's something I at least finished.

De música ligera (ft. Jorge Loquendo)

A parody song, where I replaced the original singer with one of the Loquendo voices. For context, Loquendo is a Text To Speech software (like the Google Translate voice) that was very popular in the "early" and "not-so-early" days of latin-american Youtube. Although it was a bit tedius to "correct" the pitch of the voice and it isn't perfect, it was a fun project to make.


An electro-swing song except I made a melody instead of sampling another track, so I don't know if it still counts as electro-swing... maybe it does, idk.

Slowing down

Lo-Fi Hip Hop, again, without the use of samples.


One of my really old, first tracks. It's a short dubstep song. I had a longer version in progress at the time, but I've lost it long ago, which is a shame because I like this one too.

Futurist ad

This is my very first track, but it doesn't make me cringe as hard as I thought it would have (except maybe for the titlle). So that's something.